Best Smart Kitchen gadgets // kitchen utensils 2017 - Babs and Time machine.

imagine that you are cooking in the kitchen you're preparing a special recipe your hands are busy and you want to know how to do something you have to stop wash and dry your hands pick up your book or smartphone and then you have to search for it it would be much easier and more intuitive and natural if you had something always ready to help and all you have to do

is ask this is why we developed back the smart kitchen assistant tabbed as an intelligent advice and specifically designed to help people in the kitchen imagine that you want to cook something but you don't know what in your fridge you have chicken celery and red onions also need to follow a low-fat ice to look for recipes low in fat and with those ingredients can be a tedious task with that however you can just

say that find me a low-fat recipe with chicken celery in red onions in Babel look for the recipe that best matches your request you ask you get that salted wire we understand that cooking is something unique and singular that cooking is personal authentic and genuine each hole each family has different necessities especially when we talk about food and nutrition this is why we wanted to create something different something that really helps people that's the first voice

control assistant for the kitchen that acts intelligently according to what we know and what it learned from you and now check out how Bad's works it is early in the morning and Michael is getting ready for a morning run as always later that day Michael uncle's are going to come to dinner he wants to prepare something special for them he is planning to make fish but need some ideas wants to plan the menu

before the dinner hello Tara find me a recipe with fish you can make that Phillips with fruit salad oh I almost forgot Bobby video finally a gluten-free recipe with fish you can make basedgod with roasted vegetables but be careful using pre processed foods because they may contain gluten let me begin reading list for three people ok i already sent it check your phone thank you babs. Michael sports nutritionist is totally eating snacks 30 minutes before starting his run

he usually eats a banana but today he wants something else find me a salad good for running I am sorry but I don't know what is good for running, babs doesn't understand the request because it doesn't know what type of food is good for running not everyone has the same nutritional needs when it comes to doing the sport Michael decides to teach labs about what was recommended by sports nutritionist uses smartphone for that

something good for running is a food that is easy to digest and that has between 15 and 30 grams of carbohydrates with this information that's is able to automatically reason which movie should suggest the best option I need a satellite good for running you can make citrus salad buy salted wire ok thank you about as far as what bobsled from the user is going to be able to answer to their specific needs by understanding what

they want and giving them personalized advice we have been working about for the last year and I out and now we have a functional prototype with your help we will be able to start manufacturing the final brother you're gonna box our reality thank you started that's is the beginning of a real intelligent home with caches and devices that know how to help people to live better to the time machine the world first rice

cooker with dedicated yogurt quinoa and oatmeal functions it cooks rice to forty-five percent faster than the competition and slow cook and scenes as well thanks to over 1,500 backers the project became a reality we've been hearing great things from chef moms and busy profession what we've enjoyed most about collaborating with the Kickstarter community is the active role that backers play in the product development process we heard you kickstarter and we're excited to introduce you to

the many time machine with most products getting smaller means getting less functionality for example smaller coffeemakers usually have less features and their larger counterparts the same used to be true for rice cooker that's why it was really important to us that the mini have every feature of the original time machine and more for starters he packs of mini with all the things you love about the time machine like fuzzy logic to point out our

500 why heating element its forty percent more powerful than our competitors a cup model it works in concert with sensors in the top and bottom that take temperature readings and an onboard microcomputer adjust heat for perfect results white and brown rice amazingly cooked and up to twenty eight percent faster than same size right suffers with the mini you won't get burnt rice on the bottom guilty before the time machine making homemade yogurt was tough we

fix that problem keep your milk let it cool then cook it to Canada lysing 10 units all in the same pot quinoa toasted first with our proprietary toasting feature then let the many cookies into perfect little girls of super foodie could openly tired of it bubbling out of your rice cooker we were to the sensor in the lids makes boil over such a thing of the past set it to cook with the

delay timer at night and it'll have fresh steel cut oats ready for you in the morning local low medium or high the mini slow-cook feature rivals results that you get in your slow cooker and takes up a lot less counter space in addition to having all the great features that made time machine and hit with factors the mini come standard with our popular paddle and a couple of great new accessories the first is an

airtight lid that we call seal it sits on the cooking pot so you can easily pop leftovers in the fridge without transferring foods to another pan the second accessory is a unique rice rinsing colander that we call well rinse it's also great for rinsing quinoa and veggies we notice that rice callenders are the number one thing to people purchase along with a rice cooker when they buy online so we thought why should rice

cookers just come with and now they do the mini and all of its accessories are tools and almost ready for production we need the help of the Kickstarter community to backup the first production run each many rewards will come with an exclusive kickstarter badge built into the product as a token of our appreciation to the community please have a look at our reward and are a huge and if you're ready to let the mini

time machine help you make more time to do the stuff you love please back
imagine that you are cooking in the kitchen you're preparing a special recipe your hands are busy and you want to know how to do something you have to stop wash and dry your hands pick up your book or smartphone and then you have to search for it it would be much easier and more intuitive and natural if you had something always ready...