How To Master 5 Basic Cooking Skills - Gordon Ramsay

HOW AN ONION Finely chop   First: how to chop an onion.   This is the root.   It's very important. Leave her there.   If they cut, onion drip   and begin to mourn.   To slice forward. The weight of the knife do the work.   Three fingers. One in front and two behind.   This part of the guide

Knuckle knife.   Fingers on the onion and the knife pointing to the root.   Try closer to the root as possible.   long cuts.   After rejoining the onion.   Push the knife through the medium onion   tilting a little knife down.   One above.   Then take the onion as a tennis ball,   holding it in place.   Cut the onion with

the weight of the knife   until you reach the root base.   Rotate again. Moving up and down.   And this is what we leave. No waste, only the root.   Look.   They have a finely chopped onion.   HOW TO COOK RICE TO PERFECTION   Rice Basmati rice King.   Light, fluffy and delicious.   And I'll show you how to cook it

to perfection.   We'll start with ...   ... 400 grams of rice.   Add rice.   Perfect.   I will now be dusting   and starch.   Cold water, always.   Just rinse the rice.   That will prevent the rice from sticking to the pan   and be light and fluffy when cooked.   Rice to the pan.   Now, to make a simple

rice is fluffy and exciting,   we have to give it flavor.   Three cardamom pods.   Take pods and agujeréenlas   to let out the flavor.   Cardamom pods and star anise.   This is beautiful. Whole star anise.   They will be good and will give a great aroma.   Salt and pepper.   It is easier now seasoned rice   which when cooked.

You begin to break   if you season it later.   one part of rice and one and a half of water is used.   Six hundred milliliters. Always starting with cold water.   Pour cold water.   And the fire.   Put the lid.   We will boil as soon as possible.   Then we took it to a minimum and leave for 8 to

10 minutes.   It is the secret of cooking rice incredible.   Allow to make steam while cooking.   Do not lift the lid.   We uncover.   It smells great.   All water has been absorbed and rice doubled in size.   It is light and fluffy.   Remove the star anise.   Cardamom pods.   They should be on the surface.   We remove

the pods.   Take your fork and deslícenlo through the rice.   It will begin to open again.   When you have passed the fork   will achieve that nice, light and fluffy texture.   Here it is.   Rice cooked to perfection.   HOW TO DRESSING AND BONE FISH   This will be a garrison of filleted salmon.   It has already been boning and

now desollaremos.   Take your knife. Wide and flexible filleting knife.   I sharpened a bit. Raise the base of the tail   and cut a little end as well.   Rotating knife almost horizontally   below the salmon.   Pull the skin and cut ...   ... salmon below and let the knife do the work.   Now take the skin back denlo   and

revise not leave too much salmon on the skin.   I recójanlo,   soft and slow.   Take the skin and wrap your finger on it.   Salmon pull towards you and continue to the end.   Put him face down.   A perfect skinning salmon, like the skin of a snake.   Take your knife and recórranlo upside down.   Then, using tweezers,   They

may be for fish, but can use any,   seek tip, top,   and pull.   By removing the skin under the salmon,   thorns will come much easier.   Thorns only reach halfway   Steak.   A cute salmon fillet. Beautiful!   A KNIFE SHARPENING   It is much harder to work with a dull knife   that one sharp.   The secret to keep

the edge on the knife   I is sharpened before and after use.   First, take the chaira. Be sure to take it firmly.   Imagine a tennis racket or squash.   They have to feel comfortable.   Now, at 45 degrees. Firm grip on the sharpening steel and knife.   This is the handle of the sharpener.   It is important to keep your fingers

under it.   Never grip on the handle.   Because the knife again and lose a finger.   Always Take it back.   Make long strokes to cover the length of the blade.   With the sharpening steel.   Hit. We start from the bottom up.   So. And we cross. Hence, to cross it.   slow movements on the chaira,   then continue below.  

Again, below.   Working with a dull knife is dangerous in the kitchen.   much damage can be done.   The sharp knife is ten times faster and efficient.   Now...   ... you are ready to start chopping.   PASTA COOKING TO PERFECTION   It is easy to cook more or less.   This is done correctly.   First, we add water.   A large

pot to ensure   the pasta has room to cook partner.   A good seasoning is crucial.   Some olive oil.   This prevents the dough from sticking.   Let it boil.   Whether it is boiling. The secret...   ... it is to prevent the pasta from sticking.   Often turn into the pot.   These are angel hair, thin.   This paste takes 3

to 4 minutes.   Then, to the pot.   When tap water, soften and then rotated.   Use tweezers while begin to soften.   Gírenlos gently into the pot.   Continue until it boils again.   If they have trouble keeping time, use a stopwatch.   Beautiful!   To review, to take just one.   They must be able to feel it in your fingers.  

Remains firm.   Then try it.   They're not hard at all, but still firm inside.   They are not at all crispy.   Now, the strainer.   Drain pasta.   A little seasoning.   Salt and pepper.   A tablespoon of olive oil.   Mix that,   will prevent them from sticking to each other.   Look. Here you go.   Beautiful pasta. Al dente.

  Cooked to perfection.   Rinse it a little. All right.   Begin to cook, right?   That's great.
HOW AN ONION Finely chop   First: how to chop an onion.   This is the root.   It's very important. Leave her there.   If they cut, onion drip   and begin to mourn.   To slice forward. The weight of the knife do the work.   Three fingers. One in front and two behind.   This part of th...